Le Cadavre Exquis

'Le Cadavre Exquis' is a contemporary digital re-interpretation of the surrealist game "Exquisite Corpse" and the parlour game "Consequences" in which participants define parts of a visual image and textual narrative before passing on to future participants for further contributions.

Developed as an interactive installation, participants can control both the texual and visual narrative of the piece through different inputs. Using a custom gesture interface and digital cameras, participants within the installation record a stop-frame animation as a response piece to a previously recorded submission, thus creating a performance and visual narrative generated entirely by the participants. The texual narrative is then created by online participants through a narrative suggestion feature.

'Le Cadavre Exquis' aims to explore how notions of co-creation and user-engagement in live/on-line spaces, within the context of digital art or digital interaction, can be used to create an ever-growing visual film generated entirely by participants.

'Le Cadavre Exquis' has been produced as a research & development commission funded by the excellent Making Future Work digital programme offered by Broadway Cinema.

Due to the R&D nature of 'Le Cadavre Exquis' the concept continues to be refined. The piece will be installed in the Nottingham Contemporary for a period of 6 weeks starting Saturday 23rd July - Sunday 4th September. We also installed the piece at the V&A Web Weekender over the weekend of Fri 15th July 2011 - Sun 17th July 2011.

Please email info@lecadavreexquis.net for any further information, requests or feedback.